The Most Instagrammable Places in Bermuda – Part 1

by Rachel Sawden

I am lucky to be from such an Instagrammable picturesque country as the stunning island of Bermuda. I have traveled the world, and I will always say that Bermuda is still the most beautiful place on earth. However, before I traveled to create Instagram content, and now in between trips, I love using this beautiful island as a backdrop for my images. To this day I continue to search its 21 square miles for spots I’ve never seen before. In this post, I’ll list ten of my favourite locations in Bermuda to shoot. 

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Horseshoe Bay

If you’ve ever seen any pictures of Bermuda’s famous beaches, chances are you’ve seen the island’s most famous beach, Horseshoe Bay. On the west end of the beach is a huge rock and cliff-face which gives a beautiful view of the entire crescent-shaped beach. For the unfit and uncoordinated, it can be a dangerous climb so I won’t tell you to climb it, but the view from the top is pretty incredible. Tourists flock to the beach in droves during the summer months, so if you want a shot of the beach empty, you’ll need to shoot during the off-season.

Abbot's Cliff

This picturesque spot is one that not even many locals know how to find. It lies at the end of an inconspicuous grassy trail sitting in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Hamilton parish. Even when you’re on the trail you’ll find a few forks, and if you choose the wrong path you’ll never find this beautiful cliff face. It is the highest point of land that surrounds the in-shore marine lake, Harrington Sound, and boasts breathtaking views that encompass nearly the length of the island. During the day, you can catch deep and vibrant blue and turquoise hues in the sound and its islands. If you’re a fan of sunrise and sunset shots, this beautiful spot faces south, so you can catch the soft light of both times of day.

Ely’s Harbour

Located at the western end of Bermuda, in Sandy’s Parish just past Somerset Long Bridge lies Ely’s Harbour. This stunning little patch of water is one of my favorite spots in the entire world. The water glows turquoise on sunny days, and there are heavenly little islands to explore and feel like a castaway. It’s impossible not to get a good shot here! To find the best shooting locations, you’ll need a boat, but there are some spots you can access by land. Heading west, just after Fort Scaur will be a small parking lot and boatyard. Park there and walk the edge of the bay to find little docks and vistas – just be careful not to trespass!

South Shore Beach Trail

Between Warwick Long Bay and Horseshoe Bay lies a series of stunning beaches and coves. Some, like Jobson’s Cove and Chaplin Bay are well known but keep exploring and you’ll find some with no names, and no other beachgoers. Just after Chaplin Bay lies my favourite look-out point. The texture of the rocks contrasts the vibrant turquoise waters and pale pink sand, while the lush greenery of Spanish bayonets and grape bay trees create a tropical palette that makes pictures pop! Spend an afternoon here and you’ll have plenty of content to fill your Instafeed with the best #tropicalvibes.

Cooper’s Island

Cooper’s Island is Bermuda’s newest public park, having formerly been closed and hosting a NASA station. NASA has recently resumed some operations in their labs, but thankfully the park remains open to the public. Here you’ll find some of Bermuda’s most beautiful and little-known beaches, so it’s easy to get photos with no one else in them. The water is some of the clearest you’ll ever see and is also a popular spot for hungry turtles. If you’re looking for some #beachvibes to grace your feed, the beaches at Cooper’s Island will deliver!

Tobacco Bay

One of Bermuda’s few beach bars is located at the picturesque Tobacco Bay. Grab a Dark & Stormy and be inspired by the limestone rock formations that are unique to this area. Behind the bar is a Bermuda Instagram-must: lying atop a shallow tide pool is a plank of wood that makes for perfect leading lines. Past Tobacco Bay’s parking lot you’ll find more crevices, rock formations, and lookout points that make rugged and tropical photographs.

Blue Hole

This flooded sinkhole used to be the site of a dolphin show in the 80s, that became a hidden gem of the island, to be recently rediscovered by tours that have made it popular with tourists. It is located within Tom Moore’s Jungle in Hamilton Parish, an area with very unique features – caves and mangrove ponds. Blue Hole’s water is a stunning shade of turquoise, and the wooden platform adds some structure and contrasting colours to the greens and blues. Be sure to explore all of Tom Moore’s Jungle while you’re there!

Castle Roads

I spent my childhood weekends in the waters of Castle Roads, so this area is one of my favourite places of all time, and one of my favorite Instagram shooting locations. Unless you’re friends with the people who own the mansion at the end of Tucker’s Town (Bermuda’s Beverly Hills), you’ll need a boat to get out here (you can rent a little Boston Whaler from Grotto Bay Hotel). At low tide lies Frick’s Point Beach where the shallow water and sandy bottom create bright blue hues, and the scattering of islands in the background adds interesting contrasting colours.

Motor around and explore the islands – Charles, Castle and Nonsuch. Nonsuch Island is a nature reserve and you are forbidden from landing on the beaches, but if you have an underwater camera, check out the shipwreck on the north side. Charles Island’s little beach is heavenly, but do not step ashore of Castle Island (the one with the fort on it) if you are afraid of spiders. Golden silk spiders are thriving on this island and although they are totally, they are big and ugly!

Newstead Belmont Hills Hotel

Bermuda’s capital city of Hamilton sits on the edge of Hamilton Harbour, and its brightly coloured buildings makes for a charming and picturesque cityscape. The Newstead Belmont Hills hotel situated facing the city on the other side of the harbor gives the most beautiful vantage point for this backdrop. Shoot descending a beautiful staircase, or in the infinity pool for the ultimate #goals shots!

9 Beaches

I have a thing for exploring abandoned places, and this is the most beautiful abandoned place in Bermuda. At the western end of the island lies a defunct eco-resort comprised of huts on stilts surrounded by glowing turquoise waters. From a distance, the huts appear habitable, but a closer look reveals the truth. Their derelict state adds an interesting aesthetic element to images, and the bridges and huts create stunning leading lines. Just past the huts facing due west lies a beautiful little uninhabited island that adds to the tropical feel. Rent a boat from Dockyard and head towards Somerset Long Bay, you can’t miss it.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor will it be my only list of the most Instagrammable places in Bermuda. This island is seriously one continuous post card! Stay tuned for my next list!

If you want a guide and photographer to help you find and shoot the most Instagrammable spots in Bermuda check out my Instagram Tour on Winnow.

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