Self-Publishing Guide: Book Promotion Sites

by Rachel Sawden

Book promotion sites are a great way to promote your self-published book to readers. 

With book promotion sites, you apply to run a book promotion at either a discount or free, on an assigned date. On your date, your book deal is sent out to their mailing list of keen readers.


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We’ll start with the biggest one. I’ll be dead honest, it is pretty much impossible to secure a Bookbub deal, particularly in the US market. It is incredibly competitive and even big-name publishers are having a hard time getting their books accepted for a deal. It is worth a shot once you get several stellar reviews, you may land an International deal. I got lucky with being accepted for an International deal and it worked wonders for my sales (price depends on your genre). In the very least, set up an author profile and follow other authors that you know from your community and ask them to follow you back.

Book Promotion Sites and Sales Rankings

The beauty of book promotion sites is you’re likely to get a surge in sales. However, they will not affect your sales ranking in the long term as Amazon’s algorithm will recognize that surge as a spike and deem it an anomaly. What you need to aim for, is a plateau, or reoccurring sales over a period of time. With some strategic planning, we can cause a plateau, and as the first week of your launch is crucial, you will want to.

Different sites have different pricing and criteria. Some will accept books with no reviews, some will only accept books with a certain number of reviews. Goodreads reviews can be posted prior to launch day, so you can try to leverage those.

Apply for book promotions, with one on your launch date, and then a different site either every day or every other day for that week. Sure, you’ll be discounting your eBook heavily, but Amazon’s algorithm will see your book as a hot commodity that needs to be shown to more readers. After this week (or whenever you want), you’ll increase your price.

Once your book is live and your reviewers have left their reviews, you can apply for the bigger book promotion sites that require reviews. I would run a book promo every so often throughout the year to boost your sales and rank on Amazon.

Please note, that you’ll have to set your discount price manually through the KDP dashboard at least 24 hours before your book promotion is scheduled to run.

There are a number of book promotions sites so, here is a list of the popular eBook promotion sites starting with ones that I have used:

Book Promotion Sites I Have Tried:

Buck’s Books

This is a big one. You’ll need at least ten reviews before they’ll schedule you, and it only costs $9.  I did this one and sold a few books.

BK Knights on Fiverr

It cost only $5 so I decided to give it a go. No reviews are needed, but I got made a couple of sales. 

Book Sends

You’ll need at least 5 reviews for this platform. Out of all on this list (besides Bookbub) this had by far the most amount of sales for me.  

The Fussy Librarian

Prices are reasonable and depend on the genre. There is a competitive spot placement. I made a few sales.

Bargain Booksy

No reviews are needed, and I made a few sales.

Other Book Promotion Sites (I Have Not Tried)

  • Robin Reads – you need at least 10 reviews. My research has reported great results/ but the genres are limited.
  • eReader news – very competitive and $60 
  • eBooks Habit – $15 and you’ll need at least 5 reviews.
  • Awesome Gang – no reviews needed
  • Many Books – 5 reviews
  • Digital Book Today – Free books only
  • Book Doggy – you’ll need 18+ reviews
  • BooksButterfly – I don’t think you need reviews, pricey, but probably worth it. I might try this one in the future.

Kindle Direct Publishing has a daily deals platform, but you must be invited to apply. I have not been invited, so I don’t know anything about this platform and its effectiveness.

Have you tried any of these sites? Are there any more worth trying? Please let a comment!

Next on my Self-Publishing Guide: Your Book Launch!

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