About Me

by admin

Hello! I am Rachel Sawden, a freelance writer, photographer, Instagram content creator, author, model, on camera personality and blogger from the beautiful island of Bermuda. Traveling is my greatest love in this world and I have explored nearly forty countries across five continents. I have been a travel content creator for over ten years, and have combined my love for travel and photography into my personal Instagram brand. 

I am the author of “Runaways”, an award-winning novel about an aspiring travel photographer, and have shared my knowledge of self-publishing (having been through the process myself) in my newest book – Self Publishing Success: 

For more information on my crazy life and random career path, please read My Story

When I’m not writing or shooting, I love exploring Bermuda, by land and by sea as a certified SCUBA diver and free diver. For work, I manage a spectacular property and luxury villa, Sandymount.

If you are looking to work with me, please click here, to see my areas of expertise and please Contact Me for my media kit and see how we can work together.